Data Management & Visualization

We make your data work for you
  • It helps our clients assess what data is available, integrate & optimize it all, and then visualize it in an easily digestible way. Our holistic focus on the tools, process, people, and performance elements of reporting ensures you get the most out of your data.
  • We get it. You're busy, things are moving fast, and you need answers. You have countless reports, spreadsheets, and charts but they don't seem to be making an impact. The clutter and sheer volume of data is just too much to be useful.

    Are you buried in spreadsheets?
    Does your technology not get you the answers you need?
    Can you not trust your current reporting to make key decisions?
    Do different systems give different answers to your questions?
    Are you data rich and information poor?

    What if you could see the big picture - with all the relevant info for you - whenever you need it. What if your data started working for you? Raven Bay can help.
  • Raven Bay’s delivery approach goes beyond technical implementation to ensure the intended value from the project is fully captured. We clearly define the business challenges & opportunities up front and drive them through our work including the incorporation of a governance process, business impact-driven technical delivery, knowledge transfer & adoption, and communication activities.
    • Dashboard Development (Tableau, PowerBI, Cognos, Qlikview, Targit, and others)
    • Data Visualization and/or Reporting
    • Platform/Tool Assessment & Selection
    • Data Warehouse Design & Management
    • Data Health Checks and BI Maturity Assessments
    • Software & Custom Development